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Surname: Abbott
Forename(s): Edward William
Service Number: 212823
Date of Birth: 26th February 1885
Force: Royal Navy
Unit: HMS Colossus
Civilian Occupation: Labourer
Parents: Robert and Sarah Abbott
Home address:

Edward Abbot was born in Beer on 26th February 1885, the son of Robert and Sarah Abbott, who were also born in Beer.

Edward joined the Royal Navy on 26th February 1903, giving his occupation as labourer.  He joined as a Boy 1st Class and trained on HMS Boscawen, moored in Portland harbour.  His pre-war naval service involved short periods on a long series of ships, with longer periods on the cruisers HMS Hogue (which would be torpedoed in 1914) from 1904 to 1906, and HMS Cornwall, which was on the North America and West Indies station, from 1910 to 1912.

Edward’s wartime service was divided between two ships.  From March 1913 to February 1916 he was on HMS Dublin, a Chatham class light cruiser with a crew of 380.  At the outbreak of war she was on the Mediterranean station, and in 1915 joined the Aegean Squadron.  

After three months ashore, including a course at the Royal Navy’s Torpedo School, HMS Defiance, Edward joined HMS Colossus, a dreadnought battleship with a crew of 750, on 1st May 1916.  Colossus, carrying ten 12in guns, was the flagship of the 1st Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet, and took part in the Battle of Jutland on 31st May 1916.

Edward remained on Colossus until 28th August 1918, when he returned to HMS Defiance.  This was followed by a lengthy spell ashore at Devonport (HMS Vivid).  He was promoted to Leading Seaman at this time, and he remained there until August 1922, so it is possible he was an instructor during this period.

His last few years service were spent in destroyers, ending with HMS Rigorous.  He retired from the Royal Navy at Woolwich on 25th February 1925, after 40 years service.

Edward died in 1964, aged 79.